Unknown manufacturer. This type of «box» monocular microscope from unknown manufacturer is a portable microscope. It is a simple version of the classic “Cary Gould” model of which there are several in this collection, namely numbers 25, 25a and 25b.

It is a small removable device, with a transportable wooden case. Its optical tube is a one-piece threaded tube, without displacement. It has three complementary objectives of increasing increases. Small stage manually movable in height. It has a circular opening and various accessories: circular piece with glass to observe live insects (“live box”), a bone disc to visualize preparations by transparency, forceps with fixing screw, needle with ivory handle … The case was supplied with a collection of seed, vegetable and tissue prepara -tions.

This type of portable microscope was used as an observation and entertainment instrument by people interested in nature. One of this type is used by the character of Gustav Mahler in the Ken Russell film «The Shadow in the Past» (1974).