This section incorporates other manufacturers of microscopes of different nationalities to those already mentioned in the previous sections.

Petrus Jacobus Kipp (Utrecht 1808-Delft 1864) This Dutchman was a chemist, apothecary and inventor of scientific instruments. But his fame reached him as a designer and builder of gas-producing devices. See the microscopes in this Collection: 1865  (52k)

He studied chemistry and pharmacy at the University of Utrecht and later settled in Delft, where he became a prominent figure in the life of this city, was appointed a member of the Delft medical council and was also a co-founder of the Pharmaceutical Council of the Netherlands.

Married to Anna, he was the father of ten children. When he died in 1864, his companies continued to operate under the direction of his wife and two of their children. The devices are signed from 1865 as “P.J. Kipp en zonen. ”These companies evolved and are still active today, although the manufacture of microscopes was maintained for a limited period. The microscopes manufactured by P.J. Kipp. However, its scientific apparatus, especially the gas producers, are still well known.