The Beck & Beck Popular model binocular was manufactured in 1870 according to its serial number 7,730. The diameter of the outer tube, which contains the objective, is 3.6 cm and its length is 18 cm. The tube that contains the eyepiece measures 3.3 cm in diameter and 16 cm in length, with five ring marks equidistant one inch, to achievedifferent magnifications. The eyepiece is removable and has a protective metal piece for the lens closest to the observer’s eye. The maximum length, from the end of the objective to the end of the eyepiece, is 40 cm. The inscription ‘R & J. Beck London’ and the serial number appear on the rear triangular part of the stand.

It constitutes a totally different stand model from all the previous ones that this firm had designed. It consists of two triangular pieces that are articulated at the back by a hinge. This makes it possible to give mobility to the posterior triangular piece where the optical tube is attached. The base measures 19 x 13 x 1.5 cm. It has a series of four holes where the end of the microscope shaft is housed, which allows the optical tube to finally tilt until it reaches horizontal.

Coarse focusing is done by moving the optical tube vertically, using a classic English rack and pinion system, etched on the back of the triangular support shaft, using two 4.2 cm diameter knurled wheels. The arm is straight and ends in a small metal piece that can be inserted into any of the 4 holes in the base.

The stage has a diameter of 9.5 cm and does not have a mechanical system to move the preparations, which is achieved manually. Fine focus is achieved using the micrometer screw located on the upper arm. The diaphragm is made up of a disc with three openings of different sizes. It can be folded for transport.

The Beck brothers were characterized by introducing a good number of inexpensive models to the market. They made the microscopes available to the general public, while also maintaining a very high quality. Among them, the «Popular» and the «Universal» stand out as themost economical models. Other famous models were «La Lechera – Milkbox», «El Economico» and finally the «Star». This brass microscope represents one of three binocular models manufactured at Beck & Beck, and is derived from the “Star model”.