1. Baker’s «jar handle» monocular microscope was manufactured under No. 6550 at 244 High Holborn in London. It measures 32 cm. tall and has two revolver lenses, one 2 inch. made by Dollond and another 2/3 by Deepees.

Its coarse approach is traditional by means of a rack located in the optical tube with two wheels with screw. Fine focus is achieved in the same way by a single wheel located on the right side. It has a doublemirrorwith pendular movement.

  • This «jug handle» model was designed around 1900 and was manufactured until 1920. This type of handle allows easy movement of the apparatus. The model is derived from what is called in England «western style». In the opinion of some, this design detracts from the microscope’s elegance. It was a trend followed by most manufacturers, so they have models of this type: Reichert, Zeiss, Beck & Beck, Baker, Bausch & Lomb, etc.