This Abraham & Co. Cary-Gould type microscope is pocket sized. Faithfully reproduces the original Cary-Gould model (# 25 in this collection). It has an elegant 16x11x6 cm mahogany case. In the upper part of the cover there is a metal hole for the screw fixing of the microscope shaft. This is rectangular with a serrated rear edge, a rack on which the pinion acts that allows the stage to rise to achieve focus (reverse focus).

The stage is annular with two small holes to insert the tweezers and the external lens that allows incident illumination (porthole). Underneath there is another plate that is the same and that allows the preparations with the samples to be observed to be placed between them. In the upper part of the shaft, a piece is articulated on which the magnifying lenses are threaded, acting then as a simple microscope. The optical tube, which measures 13 cm, is fixed on them or directly on the thread. the apparatus then being a compound microscope. Another copy equal to this is No. 40 of the Golub Collection.

This type of microscope was manufactured in numerous workshops, all of them being very similar and at the same time different, an example of this are microscopes Nos. 2, 25, 25a and 25b of this collection.