This model of barrel or drum (barrelor drum) was made in a highly reputed workshop that of J.H. Steward, when it was located at 63 Saint Paul Church Yard. It was designed according to some by Benjamin Martin in England. Although the general opinion is that it was created on «the continent», it was Fraunhofer who designed it in 1811. Others believe that it was Oberhauser. What is certain is that this last character perfected it.

This apparatus represents the simplest and most frequent model. What differentiates it is that these smaller models were not used to being made in the big workshops. It comes in a cherry wood case with three numbered eyepieces, two observation rings, and six slides.

J.H. Steward established his workshop in London in 1856. Initially at Saint Paul Church Yard and later on the Strand, first at No. 406 and then at 66. He would eventually fix it at No. 54 Cornhill. He was a reputed manufacturer and was appointed Official Optician of the Government of Her Majesty and also of the Rifle and Artillery Association.