This simple and inexpensive model was designed by Hugh Powell in 1841 and would continue to be manufactured in this original shape until the factory closed in 1911. The Lealand & Powell Student Microscope is the only model manufactured by Lealand & Powell with a stand of iron, which is why it is also known as an “iron microscope”. Its foot has a triangular base with three supports and is prolonged upwards with a strong vertical axis that ends in a joint. There the second piece of cast iron is screwed, which is extended upwards to house the optical tube and towards the front, forming the stage. This is square and fixed and a small “porthole” magnifying glass is housed in its front part for incident lighting. The optical tube is attached to the arm and has only one focusing system using a single wheel on the right side.

It lacks a fine focus system. According to the manufacturer, it was not provided with it, as it would make it very expensive. It has two objectives; a simple ½ inch and a complex ¼ with correction collar. It is engraved with the name of the manufacturer. It has two eyepieces with an adaptation mechanism. On the door of the box is the label: “Powell & Lealand, Opticians. 24 Clarendon Street, Somers Town ‘. This first location of the workshop corresponds to the years 1842-1846, so this microscope was manufactured in 1842. It is one of the first copies of this model, simple and very elegant. Their shapes are unique, differentiating themselves from microscopes from other manufacturers.