The Dollond & Co monocular microscope is an English brass microscope, manufactured in the late 19th century. It has a minimum height of 25.5 cm, with an outer tube diameter of 2.8 cm. The tube containing the eyepiece and objective measures 2.5 cm in diameter and 17 cm in length. The eyepiece is removable. The objective is made up of two lenses that can be screwed together. The diameter of the flat mirror is 4 cm. Macro focusing is performed using a rack and pinion system with two knurled wheels. The arm is curved and is linked to the foot by a pin, which allows the microscope to be tilted. It is inscribed «4». The square stage measures 6 x 6 cm and has two clips to hold the slides. Its stand, which is enameled in black, is a Crouch-type tripod leg measuring 12 x 10.5 x 8 cm. The inscription ‘DOLLOND. London «appears on the back of the foot and its manufacturing number:» 529 «is engraved under the rear foot.

The early Dollond, father and son microscopes were not numbered. This microscope has a modern shape with a mechanical focus, although the objectives are still very primitive. It is considered that it could have been manufactured in the family workshop around 1860. Its beech wood case is very simple and has no place for spare parts or accessories. It measures 15x13x17 cm. Inside it has the label of the house at the bottom: “Dollond & Co. Established 1750 Instrumentmakers. Workshops at: 35 Ludgate Hill. 65 Old Broad Street and 5 Northumberland Avenue. London «.