This drum microscope by C. Nachet is a compact 23 cm high drum model made of brass. Its support shaft is outside the base and holds the optical tube by means of a ring in which the manufacturer’s name is engraved. Focusing is carried out by means of a «reverse focus» circular stage lifting system, located at the rear of the apparatus. The incident light is achieved through a small articulated “bull’s eye” in the front of the optical tube. The reflective mirror is included in the base and has outer wheels to regulate its position.

It has a mahogany case measuring 27 x 14 x 10 cm. Inside there is a small box for the five objectives, which are screwed on one after the other. This microscope was very deteriorated and its layer of varnish blackened; We have eliminated it by electrolysis, the apparatus having recovered its original shine.

Camille Sebastien Nachet (1799 – 1881) was a Parisian optician of the early 19th century. He started in 1834 making optical instruments with Charles Chevalier. Later he became independent in 1840 and established a small workshop on «Rue Serpente 16, Paris.» The first microscopes he made were based on the drum or barrel type models, like this one we present in the image. Nachet stood out for his contribution in adapting the adjustable binoculars to the microscope. Together with Chevalier and Oberhauser they are known as the top three microscope manufacturers of their day. He was succeeded in the company by his son Jean Alfred (1831-1908).