This Lerebours & Secrétan barrel microscope is 26 cm tall. It has the traditional barrel shape, which gives it a very compact appearance. Focusing is carried out by means of a knurled wheel that acts by means of a rack on the optical tube. In the middle of it there is a projection on which the manufacturer’s name is engraved. It has a small «bull’s eye» for the incident light that is articulated on the optical tube. Its reflective mirror is located inside the lower structure; It has two faces with movement in a single direction with a horizontal axis.

Under the platen and protruding from the rear is a wheel diaphragm with five openings. It includes two eyepieces as accessories and as objectives it has seven small lenses that screw on successively. It is stored in a 28 x 15 x 10 cm mahogany case.

This microscope was very deteriorated and its layer of varnish blackened; We have eliminated it by electrolysis, the apparatus having recovered its original shine.

The founder of the company was Noel-Jean Lerebours (1789 – 1840), an optician of great fame manufacturing high precision lenses for various firms. He made other models, but in small quantities, and designed a curious portable microscope: the «d´Amphiteatre» model, which is number 52f in this collection, a very rare microscope.