This Mikro Illuminated Magnifier is a small microscope just like the # 3 Midgard. It has its own lighting system using an electric battery. The instructions for use of the «Mikro» pocket microscope are: with two fingers of the left hand, pull down the two buttons on the side of the tube and slide the preparation through the open slot with the right hand so that the preparation is securely attached. It can then be seen by holding the microscope against the light. Fine adjustment is done by rotating the lens head until the fine contours of the preparation are clearly visible.

Its body is the size of a battery and a small light bulb. This fits into the lower part of the magnifying glass and when raised its bottom provides illumination. The image is magnified 50 times. Other variants of the original Midgard loupe are illuminated by reflection with a mirror or by battery bottom illumination.