This barrel microscope (drum) is signed on the optical tube by «Lennie, Edinburgh» which was a company dedicated more to the sale than to the manufacture of optical instruments, it was established in Princess Street. The same happens with the Goren Collection microscope that we reproduce below and that is signed by “J. P. Cutts Sutton & Son ”, Optician to Her Majesty, Sheffield & London. If we compare the two microscopes, we can verify that they are exactly the same in size, shape and accessories, but microscopes of this same model without manufacturer’s signature are even more frequent.

It has a height of about 30 cm. Its approach is done by a side rack and pinion system with a knurled wheel. The circular plate, with a central opening, has a second plate underneath that, by means of a spring, keeps the preparations fixed and elevated. To place the preparations, it has lateral openings. The stage has a hole where you can place a small “bull’s eye” magnifying glass for incident light. The microscope comes with six simple objectives numbered 1 to 5 and one compound, # 1 being the highest magnification. Later the apparatus was endowed with an achromatic objective formed by two lenses and which is an adaptation of the objectives of French microscopes such as the Chevalier models.