R.Wasserlein’s monocular microscope is a very similar model of a microscope to those built by numerous workshops at that time in France and Germany. It is a small, compact and strong microscope. Multiple variations were made of the initial model, such as: articulating the rigid axis so that it was tiltable, varying the initial round horseshoe stand with a posterior extension to give it greater stability, and varying its focus system through the support axis, externalizing it in some models.

It is a microscope that measures 23 cm in height and 10 cm in depth. Its macro focus is manual by rotating the optical tube. The micrometric is achieved by turning a horizontal knurled wheel located on the support axis. It has a single objective that in some devices like this it was manufactured by Reichert in Vienna.

Drum microscope, it is practically the same as the # 52c of this collection manufactured by Nachet.


Microscope of this collection, the following images are of a model practically the same as the one differentiated by the rear part of the horseshoe foot, which in this one has a posterior extension.


Model developed in 1875 by Wasserlein tiltable and rotatable and with more accessories.