This trichinoscope is a very simple microscope and corresponds to the beginnings of Paul Waechter’s workshop, which was then established in Friedenau. At this time he signed his apparatus on the optical tube, as is the case with this microscope. It is a model with an unusual shape with a horseshoe-shaped iron base that extends in one piece. A support shaft that holds the optical tube and the brass stage that is fixed, wide and square.

Coarse focusing is done by means of a screw, which acts on the rack engraved on the optical tube. Fine focusing is done by lifting the stage by a screw located at the bottom of the stage (reverse focus). It has a simple condenser and a diaphragm wheel with three openings. It is operated from the front of the deck. It has a simple and robust shape characteristic of trichinoscopes.

In this collection you can see the microscope No. 20 a, trichinoscope of this manufacturer and that was advertised in the Spanish veterinary magazines. Also microscopes no .: 51e and 51f.