This curious model of a reverse focus monocular microscope from an unknown manufacturer is extraordinarily rare. Its focus system is inverse since the focus is achieved with the approach, elevation of the stage towards the objective, which is immobile. Contrary to the operation of the traditional approach.

It is a «reverse focus» system relatively well known among French manufacturers but exceptional among English manufacturers. It only has macro focus via a zipper engraved on the back of the support shaft. The stage is moved by an endless screw driven by two side wheels. Its stage is square and fixed. It has a diaphragm wheel condenser. Its mirror is plano-concave. Your goal is simple.

It measures 35 cm high. All its components are made of brass, except the support shaft which is blued. Its stand is shaped like an eagle’s claw. It is a tiltable device, by means of a screw located in the lower part of the shaft on the stand.